Whether you play professional sport or you just enjoy leisurely sporting activity Village Physiotherapy has expert Sports Physiotherapists who can help you in your recovery from your sports injury.

We are experienced in the field of Sports Medicine and will work with you from the early stages of treatment through the rehabilitation process to return to sport as quickly as possible. Our Physiotherapists have worked in a wide range of sports with patients ranging from World, Olympic and Commonwealth Gold Medal winning track athletes to European Champion Windsurfers.

Irrespective of the level that you compete at, we treat everyone like professional athletes because as sports people ourselves, we really understand what taking part means.

The vast majority of Sports Injuries do not require surgery which means that our team is best placed to assess and diagnose your injury and make an immediate start on your recovery process.


If further diagnosis or specialist opinion is needed our Orpington clinic is based at the LycaHealth Diagnostic and Treatment Centre. Through a team of some of the leading medical and surgical consultants in the south east we have rapid access to the latest in medical diagnostics with on-site services including 3T MRI, CT, digital X-Ray and Ultrasound Scans. For more information regarding medical diagnostic and consulting services at LycaHealth Orpington please click here.


Many sports injuries are ‘overuse’ injuries which do not occur as a result of trauma. Often these injuries are due to poor technique or faulty movement patterns. In order to solve your problem and stop the injury from recurring we will analyse your technique and movement patterns, often with video analysis to help educate you and alter faulty strategies. Once we know what your injury is…...the important bit is that we need to work out why. With our widespread experience and specialist knowledge, the Healthshare Sports Physiotherapists team are ideally placed to help you recover quickly and effectively.


It doesn’t matter what type of sports injury you have, full recovery needs a graded rehabilitation program. As a sports person you will appreciate the jump you need to make from being able to walk pain-free down the street to taking part in your chosen sport. Our expert team tailor your rehabilitation program to your unique needs and have a fully equipped gym with state of the art rehabilitation equipment to maximise your recovery. Should you want to reach a level to be ‘Fitter-Stronger-Better’ than pre-injury then we can refer you on to our Strength and Conditioning Coach for one-to-one Fitness training at the tail-end of your rehabilitation program.