Podiatry is the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of foot and lower limb disorders. There is no difference between a podiatrist and a chiropodist although the term ‘chiropody’ is sometimes still used to describe the assessment and treatment of skin and nail conditions. This is often referred to as ‘foot health’.

Gait Analysis and Biomechanical Assessment

We offer biomechanical analysis and gait assessment for people with foot, lower limb or back pain from those with mobility problems to elite athletes in high level sport. Treatment can include strengthening and stretching programs, gait re-education, taping, and custom made or off the shelf orthotics to correct foot position and mechanics.

Some of the conditions that we regularly treat are:

Achilles tendinopathy

Heel pain / Plantar Fasciitis

Shin pain / shin splints

Stress fracture


Arch pain

Bunion pain

Knee and hip problems


Morton’s Neuroma

Foot Health

Foot health is an integral part of maintaining a high quality of life. Foot pathology is a common cause of pain and reduction in mobility in the UK. Some pathologies are inherited; some are related to stage of life and other from injury or poorly fitting footwear. As with all other types of medicine, prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy foot.

There are a number of foot problems that can arise during a lifetime including age related changes, blisters, toe deformity, hallux valgus, callus and corns, in-growing or involuted toe nails, osteoarthritis and verrucae. These types of problems can be prevented but should they arise, the input of a podiatrist is invaluable.

Maintaining a good level of foot health will enable an individual to be more active, in turn maintaining a higher level of health and fitness. Over the course of a lifetime, we will cover approximately 100,000 miles of walking. Therefore it is imperative that footwear is suitable and that any signs or symptoms of foot problems are assessed and treated promptly by a podiatrist.

If you would like to see a podiatrist or book an appointment then please contact us directly.