Children and teenagers need to be active and participate in sports and physical activity.

Unfortunately injuries, aches and pains aren’t exclusive to adults. Children and teenagers are not ‘small adults’ and therefore need to be treated differently. The ability of the growing skeleton to with stand force and loading can change dramatically from month to month which means children can be susceptible to unique injuries whether ‘traumatic’ or ‘over-use’ as well as growth related problems.

Early Years

Changes in the musculoskeletal system as a child develops and grows are normal and structural differences can be seen when compared with other children or adults. They can be a cause for concern. Differences, particularly in the under-fives, can include flat feet, knocked knees, bowlegs, walking with toes inwards or outwards and walking on toes. Our team of specialist clinicians are expert in the assessment of such differences and can reassure whether they are part of the normal development process or refer for a further opinion and investigation if required.

Older Children and Teenagers

At Village Physiotherapy we have a number of Physiotherapists who have the specialist knowledge and skills to assess and successfully treat children and teenagers. Common conditions include orthopaedic surgery, fractures, knee pain, hip problems or ‘growing pains’ such as Osgood-Schlatters or Severs.

Across our team we also have experience working with Sports Injuries in children and teenagers of all abilities and activity levels from recreational up to elite and international level junior athletes.

Returning children to sport following injury is not always a straight forward process and, on occasions, further medical opinion and diagnostics are required. Through a team of some of the leading medical and surgical consultants in the south east we have rapid access to expert medical opinion and the latest in medical diagnostics at local specialist centres.

As a team we also have a wealth of expertise in practical and fun rehabilitation programs.

If you would like to discuss any specific details regarding your child then please contact us and speak with a physiotherapist.